The Indian motorcycle vendor, TVS has a product called TVS Neo that claimed has the latest technology, Gen-i.

Gen-i is technology consists of :
i-Ride: offers a double clutch which is manual and automatic mechanism.
i-Econo: to control economize fuel.
i-Start: to make less than 3 minutes ready to use in the morning.
i-Space: provide more space stuff.
Duralife Engine: to make the engine lasts longer and the use of fuel more efficient.

The price of TVS Neo is in range between 9.5-12 millions rupiah.

Ford Fiesta To Sell In Indonesia At 2010

Ford FiestaFord Fiesta To Sell In Indonesia At 2010

Ford plans to release their new hatchback named Ford Fiesta at 2010. Ford Fiesta its self has been released in China and scheduled to appear on the 17th Indonesia International Motor Show (IIMS 2009) at July, 24 - August, 2 2009.

Ford Fiesta hold the medal of the best selling model car of Ford Motor Company, so this Fiesta hopes to success in Indonesia.

New MPV Proton Exora

Proton ExoraNew MPV Proton Exora

Proton plans to release their new MPV called Proton Exora at Jakarta Show Event on July 2009.

The car that has 7 seater on 3 rows also completes with headrest on every seater.

The engine of Exora is Campro CPS 1.600 cc and produce about 125 horse powers on 6.500 rpm and torsion 150 Nm on 4.500 rpm.

The Exora offers luxury car and the price is reachable for the users.

Honda Freed To Follow Grand Livina

Honda FreedHonda Freed To Follow Grand Livina

The success of Grand Livina to lead the MPV market inspired Honda to launch Honda Freed.
Honda Freed MPV (Multi Purpose Vehicle) is just like Grand Livina has 7 seater.
The engine uses by Honda Freed is 1.500 cc i-VETC and standar Euro4.
The word Freed means "Free DO" that meaning to make the passanger free to move in the cabin.
The price of this high class car has not been known yet.

Suzuki Dynamatic Similar To Suzuki Sky Drive

Suzuki Sky Drive Or Suzuki DynamaticSuzuki Dynamatic Similar To Suzuki Sky Drive

Rumor about the plan to bring the Thailand Suzuki Sky Drive to Indonesia has be come true, due to Suzuki Indonesia scheduled to launched the Suzuki Dynamatic in April 2009.

Suzuki intentionally changes the Sky Drive to Dynamatic intend to avoid customers confuse because Suzuki Indonesia has already have product with name Sky which is Suzuki Sky Wave.

The name Dynamatic is abbreviation of Dynamic and Automatic that express the users character.

The price of Dynamatic is about 13 million rupiah.

Yamaha Fino Fastrack Ojex

Yamaha FinoYamaha Fino Fastrack Ojex

The unique ojex public transportation service operates in Jakarta Selatan called Fastrack.

Fastrack serves ojex by using Yamaha Fino that delivers directly from Thailand.

For awhile Fastrack will operates about 5 Yamaha Fino to serve Jakarta Selatan peoples.

Proton Saga Car To Come In Indonesia March, 19 2009

Proton SagaProton Saga Car To Come In Indonesia March, 19 2009

Although about too late, at last the Malaysia's car Proton Saga scheduled to come in Indonesia about March 19, 2009. While in Malaysia the Saga has been released in January 2009.

The engine brings by Proton saga is 1.300 cc and adopts the lotus Technology.

The price of Proton Saga is about 100-140 million rupiah

New Grand Vitara Facelift

Suzuki Grand VitaraNew Grand Vitara Facelift

In the year 2009 Suzuki plans to increase their car sale price, predicted about 20% as result of the economic crisis. And not left behind, their new Grand Vitara that has been facelift also increased.

The new price of Grand Vitara would be about 300 million rupiah. This number was not officially says by Suzuki but rumored said like that.

This New Grand Vitara is 2.4 serie and the old one is 2.0 and both will available in the same time.

The New Vitara scheduled will marketed around last of Maret or beginning April 2009.

Aston Martin One-77

Aston Martin One-77Aston Martin One-77

Aston Martin unveiled the new car in the Genea Motor Show claimed as fastest and most expensive car ever by Aston Martin

As the 77 name, One-77 produced only 77 unit with price around US$1.4 million.

This Aston Martin can be say as an automotive art form and made based on a sophisticated carbon fibre chassis with a handcrafted aluminium body.

Suzuki APV Luxury To Fight Daihatsu Luxio

APV Luxury Facelift APV ArenaSuzuki APV Luxury To Fight Daihatsu Luxio

Daihatzu has launched their new MPV called Daihatzu Luxio. Now Suzuki look like don't want to stay behind to their competitor which is by launching APV Luxury.

This APV Luxury is look like APV Arena because the Luxury is facelift of APV Arena that different is just from its exterior.

cost price of APV Luxury predicted would be higher than APV Arena about 10 million rupiah. For the comparatio the last APV Arena SGX sold about 149-160 million rupiah.

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