Peugeot 5008 Premium and Premium Pack To Hit Indonesia

2010 Peugeot 5008
Peugeot 5008 Premium and Premium Pack To Hit Indonesia

Peugeot 5008 Premium and Premium Pack confirmed about to hit Indonesia starting on November 26.
The vehicle that is available in three engines variant which are 1.6L gasoline with 120 bhp, 1.6L gasoline with 150 bhp and 1.6L diesel, claimed has already met Euro5 standard emission and take fuel consumption for only 14.0 kpl.
Peugeot 5008 is MPV 7-Seater and PT Astra International Peugeot, would bring the gasoline engine 1.6L 4-cylinders twin-scroll turbocharger that capable of generating max power 156 hp at torque 240 Nm.
The acceleration of this car is 0 - 100 kpj in 8.9 second.
In UK, Peugeot 5008 sell with price about 15,000 poundsterling (240 million rupiah) but there is no information price in Indonesia, some speculation said that it would be about 450-500 million rupiah.

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